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Saf-instant® – 11g

Saf-instant - 11g is a ready-to-use instant dry yeast for household

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Saf-instant® – 125g

Saf-instant 125g is an instant dry yeast that has been specially

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Saf-instant® – 500g

Saf-instant - 500g is an instant dry yeast for household use

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Since more than 40 years, you have been trusting our brand and products.

Over the years, Saf-instant® has become a brand which is well known, recognized and appreciated all over the world and is now the leading product in the international dried yeast market. Thousands of bakers and household bakers, with vastly different backgrounds, culture and areas of expertise, have relied on Saf-instant® for generations.



Saf-instant® is committed to supporting home bakers on a daily basis. Check most asked questions about our products.
Is yeast good for your health?

Yeasts are rich in nutrients and are likely to naturally increase the effects of functional foods. Because it contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids, yeast has many benefits. Thanks to these elements that are vital for the good functioning of the human body, yeast plays a nutritional role in our diet and our equilibrium. For example, yeast and its derivatives are used in food supplements to supplement our diet, provide for our well-being and contribute to improving our health.

Saf-instant® has halal certificate and uses only plant origin additives to protect your yeast.

Baker’s yeast is a living product and sensitive to high temperatures. For it to remain fully effective, it must be stored in optimal conditions. It is important to avoid contact with air.

Dry yeast, vacuum packed or in a protective atmosphere like Saf-instant®, should be stored in a dry and temperate place. It will thus keep all its effectiveness. You can tape the packaging to avoid contact with air. Cold storage can help to keep the yeast effective for longer time.

It is possible to freeze dry yeast.  Instant dry yeast thaws very quickly and keeps all its fluidity. It can therefore be added directly to your flour.

Saf-instant® is very easy to use! You can add it directly to dry ingredients before mixing but avoid direct contact with salt.

If you use a bread machine, pour first all the ingredients of your recipe except flour and yeast, then add flour then yeast.


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