50 Years of Baking with Passion – Saf-instant® 50th Anniversary

Since its creation 50 years ago, Saf-instant® has stood out with its reliability and constant performance for home bakers who loves to make their own delicious recipes.

Check out Mrs. Safa’s passion for baking and the development of Saf-instant®



☀️ Story of Saf-instant® A Passionate 50-Year Journey

Saf-instant yeast has dominated the global dry yeast industry for 50 years, and it is used by everyone from small-batch industrial production to Michelin three-star restaurants to home bakers.

Saf-instant yeast is produced in contemporary facilities, ensuring its uniformity, food safety, and Halal certifications.

Every time, Saf-instant will guarantee the highest-quality bread fermentation while also providing powerful stabilization.


⭐️Saf-instant®  shares the same passion of baking as home bakers

Saf-instant inspiring you, home bakers, to create delicious homemade recipes ! Our inspiration serves as our motivation.

Over the years and with the developing technologies; we have created a perfect product for home bakers with features;

  • Easy to use – Directly added into the flour before mixing.
  • Practical packaging – A variety of sizes suitable for use at home and for all types of recipes.
  • Easy storage – No need to keep chilled.

Mrs. Safa also created delicious recipes for home bakers with the help of baking.

Visit our recipe pages to view Mrs. Safa’s recipes: https://safinstantgulf.com/recipes/

Try and choose the recipe that you like the most!