Brioche is a French type of viennoiserie a cross between a pastry and a bread, with a high butter, milk, and egg content that makes it rich, soft, and flaky.


The word brioche first appeared in print in 1404, and the name is believed to be derived from bris and hocher, meaning to knead and to stir. Theory claims that it was invented by Norman Vikings, who settled in France in the 9th century and brought the secrets of making butter with them.


Did you know that brioche has been enjoyed for centuries both as a delicacy and as a status symbol?  A famine in the 18th century made bread expensive, so brioche became a status symbol – the amount of butter in your brioche was proportional to your prosperity.

Today, it is traditionally consumed with tea, but it also has various uses in cuisine, acting as a vessel for sweet or savory fillings.

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