Yeast is an essential ingredient for bread making. ?

How Saf-instant® yeast makes bread rise?

As bread dough is mixed and kneaded, millions of air bubbles are trapped and dispersed throughout the dough. Meanwhile, the yeast in the dough metabolizes the starches and sugars in the flour, turning them into carbon dioxide gas. This gas inflates the network of air bubbles, causing the bread to rise.

Following points include that Saf-instant® yeast needing a favorable environment, and other steps to develop the bread-making process:

1) Water 

It is mainly found in flour and in the water added to make bread dough. Without water, there can be no fermentation.

2) The Environment

The medium in which yeast is introduced is important as its physical and chemical composition needs appropriate salt content and temperature ranging between 10°C and 30°C.

3) The Heat

The usage of oven with standard temperature is one of the key steps in the bread-making process. The ideal temperature for bread making average is between 220°C -240°C degrees.

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