Bakeries and Pastry products are staples in many households and baked goods in common are a common part of many meals.

Middle Eastern

The Middle East is home to some of the most exotic flavours, ingredients and desserts, so it has a special table in the baking world. There’s more to Middle Eastern sweets than just baklava, so keep your eyes peeled for renditions and mash-ups featuring ingredients like sumac, saffron, tahini and pomegranate as well as twists on traditional bakes and desserts.

Multi-sensory experiences

In a time where bakers are becoming more experimental, multi-sensory food experiences are becoming popular with adventurous bakers pushing the boundaries beyond just sweet and salty. This trend has us craving unique food pairings as well as fusions of textures, shapes and flavours – like soft marshmallow, crunchy sprinkles and melt-in-your-mouth biscuit.

Power to the plants

With the growing curiosity for healthy or allergy frees substitutes has caused a shift toward plant-based baking, trends are moving toward a more sustainable and responsible way of baking.

Traditional Flavours

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with wellness, fermented foods and probiotics day by day. The ancient art of fermented food is rich, varied, and becoming increasingly popular in baking, with ingredients like sourdough, apple cider and kefir delivering a unique taste experience.

Time of Flour

Alternative flours have been on the rise for some time now and are ripe to hit peak trend status in 2020. With buckwheat, spelt and coconut flours popping up in major supermarkets, bakers are becoming increasingly adventurous in a world full of unique flour options.

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