Sweet blinis with dried apricots

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Saf-instant Red 11g

1 sachet of saf-instant yeast (11gr)
300g flour
500ml milk
4 eggs separated
1 tbsp sugar
4 dried apricots Almonds
Raisins and grapes
Butter for cooking

Put the yeast in a bowl and dissolve in 100ml of warm milk.
In a large mixing bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt, milk and yeast mixture, yolks and the remaining milk, and whisk together well. Cover with a clean cloth.
Leave the mixture to rise. It should double in volume so leave for an hour.
Then, add the egg whites (whisked until stiff).
Heat a small blini pan and add a knob of butter.
Cook the blinis for 3 minutes on each side over a moderate heat.
Warm the honey with the chopped fruit and nuts and pour over the warm blinis.

Mrs. Safa
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